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Which sign matches? What is your astrological compatibility? What are the signs of the zodiac sexually compatible with the aquarius? What are the signs by which you can easily go along and who disagree? What other signs of the zodiac can find an fair agreement, affinity with aquarius sign? With whom may instead find themselves arguing, discussing, even in heavily?

So what are the signs that the aquarius should avoid? Discover affinity pair with sign aquarius through Compatibility table of zodiac signs. The table below is calculated taking into account the compatibility only between solar signs. Indeed, you may meet while chatting at the cheese counter, lounging poolside on the Riviera, or in a dog park scene reminiscent of an Ephron rom-com picture Aquarius' retriever pouncing on Libra's dainty teacup terrier—what a metaphor.

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Your conversational chemistry guarantees a great first date, even if the prevailing vibe is platonic. If you hit it off, you'll host lavish parties with an eclectic mix of Aquarius' artsy, leftist comrades and Libra's highbrow circle, bringing them all together with panache. Caution: your casual natures can impede intimacy. In private, you can both be moody, making pouty, indirect plays for affection and sex.

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Aquarius is also far less romantic than Libra, at least in the traditional sense. That humanitarian bent will clash with Libra's caviar wishes animal cruelty! Most days, you take those differences in stride. Having a lifelong playmate is worth it. Years after their modern-day Mrs.

Scorpio is an intense, seductive creature with ruthless ambition, eagle instincts and a complicated psyche. Aquarius is a silly prankster and a cold-souled nomad who avoids emotion, then releases it in embarrassing blurts of sloppy sentiment. You're certainly an odd couple, down to your values, style and interests. Then there's the power issue to settle.

Scorpio wants ultimate control over everything, while rebel Aquarius chafes at any restraint. While Aquarius is happy to hand rulership of the household to Scorpio, any breach of personal freedom will be an instant deal-breaker.

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Possessive Scorpio must accept that Aquarius is a social creature with friends from all walks of life, and curb the jealousy. Aquarius will need to cut off a few friends the ex you met at a strip club, the swingers "who are actually really cool" and adopt a few of Scorpio's interests, like Kaballah for Ashton. So where's the click?

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Different as you are, you both prefer a mate who's hard to figure out: it staves off boredom. To keep this strong, borrow each other's strengths. Aquarius needs Scorpio's depth, and Scorpio lightens up from Aquarius' outrageous jokes and impersonations. Sagittarius and Aquarius are two of the most free-spirited signs, whose joie de vivre and starry-eyed idealism make you perfect playmates.

The "best friends with benefits" label was practically invented for you. Finally, someone who cherishes independence as much as you do! Like Sagittarius Brad Pitt and Aquarius Jennifer Aniston who shared a hair colorist , you may even look like siblings. It's all so beautiful—until one of you messes up the party by demanding a commitment.


Strangely enough, you remain loyal while the terms of the relationship are vague, sneaking out of work for mid-afternoon trysts and leaving with carpet burn. You both love the feeling of "getting away with something," the adventure of the unexpected. Yet, once it becomes an obligation rather than a choice, your libido nosedives.

You've now killed off the very thing that attracted you to each other: no-strings attached excitement. Instead of trysting the night away, you're hosting Scrabble tournaments and turning in early. Because you're so alike, you'll need to work hard to keep each other interested for the long haul. Mix it up by developing separate friends, hobbies and interests—then come back and share your adventurous tales with each other.

This is the match of the traditionalist and the rebel, the rule-maker and the rule-breaker. Capricorn is the guardian of history, and Aquarius is an innovator who has little regard for the past. If you can meet somewhere in the present, it's sure to be interesting. Disciplined Capricorn can teach Aquarius the value of structure, and Aquarius can help Cap think outside the box.

You're both competitive and controlling in your own ways, and few signs can rival your work shared work ethic. The wheeler-dealer light never switches off in either of you—you'll hand out business cards at a funeral. Still, you might be better off as professional partners, since your bedside manner is so different. Lusty Capricorn may be aloof in public, but this sensual Earth sign is a bona fide freak in the sheets.

Although Aquarius may love to shock people in public, behind closed doors your interest in sex can be tepid at best. As the ruler of electricity, gadgets may be preferable. Socially, Capricorn can be cold or snobbish, choosing friends based on status. Popular Aquarius befriends everyone—don't be surprised if the Chinese food delivery guy ends up at the dinner table sharing your Hunan chicken.

Still, Capricorn can be an important grounding force for Air-sign Aquarius, preventing you from floating off into the ether. Life is never dull with an unpredictable Aquarian. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, which would be perfect if you were looking for a platonic pal. But…you're not. Which means you're both going to have to get pretty damn uncomfortable to pass Go and enter the spine-chilling waters of commitment.

Intimacy is not your strong suit, and heavy emotions make you break out in hives. Although you may have your own personal guru and swami, spirituality is just an escape hatch—a way of convincing yourself that you're "above" all those petty feelings that mere mortals have. Rather than connect deeply, you compensate with charm, impish pranks or your Obama-watt smile he's got an Aquarius rising. Trouble is, the funny-guy shtick doesn't work with each other. There are better matches, to be sure—at least ten or eleven of them. Your only hope is working together on a shared humanitarian vision.

Love could bloom as you defend labor union picket lines, toss paint on fur-wearing fashionistas, or grow your own medicinal marijuana. Your Horoscopes for Aquarius Compatibility are guides, but you will learn this type of reading is much more complex than just looking sun signs.


Notice your top three relationships are also the intellectual air signs? Aquarius-Aquarius relationships are one of the few same sign relationships that work well. As long as you can tie a rope around each of your souls, you can enjoy all the minds travels the universe has to offer, and have a safe and happy haven to return to.

You both enjoy busy and productive lifestyles. Sagittarians love investing energy in anything with purpose, while Aquarians tend to seek out the knowledge of life's purposes. You both enjoy your spiritual freedoms, but you will have minor differences often caused by mood. This union combines intellectual freedom to discover with the "let's go do it" attitude of Aries. When you agree, all is great.

When you disagree, it is usually not even close, making compromise difficult. A relationship of great up's and great downs. Creativity and problem solving meets persistence and tenacity. A great working relationship that needs a lot of emotional help to make personal. Not a strong suit for either of you, but your Daily Aquarius Horoscope can be a powerful guide.

You are both open to new and exciting ideas others may consider a little too far out there. The difference in this relationship is cerebral stimulation vs. Pisces feels the pain and emotions of others, you are more concerned with principals. Virgo's attention to detail, analyzing, and "What if's" could be too much for the "no boundaries" of the Aquarian mind. A friendly and respectful relationship that needs understanding on a personal level that can improve by harnessing the energy and wisdom of your Daily Aquarius Horoscope.

Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, and also known as "Mother Earth" for their love of home and family. You don't like to be tied down, and expression through emotions is just as difficult. Taurus represents the simple, down-to-earth, homey type of lifestyle. They love acquiring material items.